Revisiting Dooneen

This morning I received an email from the WordPress blog: Roaringwater Journal.

The new post from Finola was a revisit of her from a previous post highlighting a place close to my heart. Dooneen, Kilcrohane, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Reading thru her post, my time and life there has been brought to the front again. I want to share some images from that place. Thank you Finola!


Mary Grant,Dooneen, 2007


Mary and Donal Grant built this home at the end of Donal’s life. When they moved to Ireland initially, they lived in a cottage that is still there. Their original home is now lived in by the Muschenheim family, Art and Gunie.


The view from the original cottage.


The most recent home, Now named “Dooneen Pier” after the pier at the bottom of the lane that is on Dunmanus Bay. This was our home for some part of 4 years.


Jerimiah,Jer Daly and Liz Daly. Caretakers of the Dooneen home. Jer is mentioned in the book White Goats and Black Bees many times. Jerimiah’s family farm bordered the property that Mary and Donal purchased in the 60’s.




Chloe and Maggie Carr at the lane leading up to our home.


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  1. Finola says:

    Lovely to see all those photos, EJ!

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