Camp Promise

This past summer I had the opportunity to volunteer at a summer camp hosted by Camp Promise ( in Empire Colorado. The camp is for people of all ages with neuromuscular diseases and muscular dystrophy, and is provided free of charge. ( Camp Promise is staged at Rocky Mountain Village-Easter Seals Camp on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.The campers are given an opportunity to be with friends and other boys at the same place in life and to go all out, be big and joyful and expressive.My responsibility was to document as much as I could of the experience for 5 days from morning to the end of the day, every day. Here is a small journal in image and testimony from various participants and volunteers.

CampgroupCamp Promise Rocky Mountains, 2015

“Camp Promise is great! I like getting to hang out with all my friends and meet lots of new people.”

“To spend time with friends who have similar challenges.”

“To be with people who understands what the camper’s going through. And more importantly have fun.”

“I love being with my friends who share my life challenges. Give and take is part of what life is all about. We support each other and this is a chance to do that while having fun.”

“Camp means the world to me, I enjoy doing whatever I can to make camp an experience unforgettable for all the boys.” – Chad, volunteer counselor


“For an entire week Luke does not have to worry about all the things he can’t do, but gets to look forward to all the things he will do with friends in the Duchenne community.” – Chad, Luke’s dad

“It means I get to have adventures with some of my best friends for an entire week.” – Luke, 7 year old camper

 “To enjoy fishing and other activities.”

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