From the Top

A Course Called Scotland

I won’t be golfing the northernmost links on the mainland UK until tomorrow, but as I sit here in my hotel room in Wick, so very high up in the Highlands, it is beginning to feel like it’s all downhill from here.  (For those keeping score, I have already played the northernmost golf course in all the UK–Whalsay in the Shetland Islands–along with the UK’s most southern (Mullion), and I’m headed for the most western courses, both mainland and island.) 10313657_10207471945583286_1634248503123693717_n copy

I have left no golfing stone unturned in this search for the answer to golf, but in my daily dash to play on and on and on, I have left little time to think about what it is that I have actually found.

I’m well past the halfway point, 80 or so scorecards shipped home in zip-lock bags.  In all this golf, there have been roadblocks and blessings and surprises…

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