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Today, I would like to elaborate further on intimacy, as I felt

we did not fully cover what real intimacy looks like. So, is it really

possible to open ourselves to experience intimacy with

another without getting caught up on the Victim Triangle?

Yes, I believe intimacy is possible. The road to having more

intimacy in our lives is a simple step-by-step process, even though

it is not a necessarily easy one! The good news is that it is not

necessary to become more perfect, more deserving, or less

unacceptable for intimacy to be possible.

To pursue intimacy, we must first become aware of, and

then step back from, our limiting, unhappy beliefs and stories about


We must question these blindly believed assumptions about

ourselves as being less than and undeserving of love. We must learn

to plant a seed of doubt between the false ideas we hold about

ourselves, and the essential truth of who we really are.

Who are we really? We are extensions of Source Energy; we are

Reality expressing itself through the experience of a life that is

designed to exactly reflect, for our viewing pleasure, our own

beliefs about ourselves and the world. To see our own beliefs

reflected to us through the world around us allows us to clarify

where we are standing out of alignment with ourselves and Source,

so we might clear our painful, life-long notions of a limited self,

and come into greater self-acceptance.

Through that realignment we become more forgiving,  more

loving towards ourselves, and more

willing to share ourselves with another. We are now ready to be

seen by another, not because we are perfect, but because we have

come to know and accept our imperfections.

Perhaps a good comparison of our journey to intimacy is

possible through the exploring of the four definitions found in the

Greek language for the word “with.”

The first Greek definition for the word, “with” is illustrated as

two lines drawn standing side by side (ll) that illustrates the

word, “with” as in to walk beside another along the path.

This is the “with” that might describe partners who walk along

together, but without too much familiarity.

The second meaning of the word, “with” in the Greek language is

illustrated again by two lines drawn side by side, only this time

they face each other. This form of “with” describes the kind of

“with-ness” that comes from taking the time to get to know each

other a bit better, we turn to face each other, seeking

communication, as in saying, “I understand you, I get where you are

coming from, I’m with you.”

The third meaning attributed to the word “with” might be

illustrated as two lines twined around each other. It describes the

sort of “with-ness” that we find when one partner takes

responsibility for the other: a co-dependent neediness perhaps, as

in one person carrying the other … This might be described in

words like, “I will take care of you; I am responsible for you. I

will do for you.”

And the fourth definition ascribed to the Greek word, “with” is

that most evolved state of intimacy illustrated by a single line.

This is the one that describes the true intimacy that is really

only possible in our relationship between ourselves and Source. It

is the definition that describes intimacy as being one with; a merger

where two become one.

The two as one form of “with-ness” cannot happen

between humans (the closest we come to it is in the experience of

orgasm). It is only really possible with Source. But there is this

marvelous thing that happens when we experience the oneness form of

“with-ness,  spoken of by Jesus as, “the Father and I are One,” and

that is that when we come into that deep merger with Source for

which we have been hoping to find in the world, suddenly real

intimacy with others becomes possible too!

As a result of our deeply personal and

intimate union with Source, we naturally begin to see others as

extensions of that union. We no longer feel the need to distance

and protect ourselves from a dangerous world, leaving us wide open

to others, so that we can begin to allow ourselves to receive and

share love in whatever form it comes.

As we drop our unhappy stories about a less than perfect self, and

come into the awareness of who we truly are as essential

expressions of Source, we merge into oneness with Source, and then

intimacy with others becomes a natural expression of our life walk.

This, in my opinion, is the meaning of, and the journey to, true





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  1. Thank you, EJ, for sharing my words with others towards spreading Love, and the true meaning of intimacy … “in-to-me-see.” 😉

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